• Year 2003: 1st edition

    Testimonial: Gianpaolo Cheula and Monica Brunati+ Rosy
  • Year 2004: 2nd edition

    Big shot: 5,000 euros for TeleThon
  • Year 2005: 3rd edition

    With Beniamino Bonomi, Olympic champion
  • Year 2006: 4th Edition

    All in pink ... comes the Giro!
  • Year 2007: 5th edition

    It's half full season
  • Year 2008: 6th edition

    It's the turn of Gianni Bugno ...
  • Year 2009: 7th edition

    Two professionals: G. Cheula and P. Longoborghini
  • Year 2010: 8th edition

    The "gigantic" Max Blardone
  • Year 2011: 9th edition

    Elisa Longoborghini and Serena Calvetti
  • Year 2012: 10th edition

    Miss Ossola, to the century Silvia Arcifera
  • Year 2013: 11th edition

    The hard work of Gresso
  • Year 2014: 12th edition

    Filippo Ganna, our "champion"
  • Year 2015: 13th edition

    Again Giro and again the "race of the Mayors"
  • Year 2016: 14th edition

    You go up in the company ... the most beautiful thing there is
  • Year 2017: 15th edition

    With Franci and SC Spinaverde

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The warehouse of Climb

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News 2016

News 2016

April 18, 2016

The first novelty that catches the eye is that this year as the initial gadget there is the usual un...

Entries 2016

Entries 2016

April 18, 2016

The methods are always the same, just that this year the initial gadgets (data exchange) can be pick...

VCO and Regio Insubrica

VCO and Regio Insubrica

April 18, 2016

We know you have many to turn up their nose to see that this year the boundaries are extended to the...

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